9:30 LRN Newscast February 12

Governor Jeff Landry’s call for a 16-day session for lawmakers to tackle the state’s crime issues starts Monday. Monroe Senator Stewart Cathey says  juvenile crime is a major issue. He believes teens who are committing crimes should be tried as adults.

Cut 5 (10) “…crime issues.” 

And while most 17-year-olds who are charged with murder are typically charged as adults, Cathey says it’s still at the discretion of the local district attorney. The session ends March 6th.

A federal judge has ruled that legislative maps drawn by Louisiana lawmaker violate the Voting Rights Act. ULM Political Science Professor Pearson Cross believes the Republican-controlled legislature would like to avoid redrawing the legislative maps as long as possible.

Cut 9 (09)  “…to do so.”

Walk Ons Sports Bistreaux, a Baton Rouge based franchise, is packing up and moving its corporate headquarters from Baton Rouge to Atlanta to continue its growth trajectory. UNO Business Professor Mark Rosa says the state is losing population and businesses as a result of/because of the existing tax burden.

Cut 10 (11) “…winning areas.”

The first Walk Ons restaurant opened a short distance from LSU’s Tiger Stadium in 2003.

The National Hurricane Center will begin using a new experimental cone graphic that will extend inland and describe more than landfall starting August. Dept Director Jamie Rhone says the current cone graphic does not provide a lot of information and most people infer the impact and their risks with too little information… 

Cut 14 (10) “…step forward.”

The new experimental cone graphics will be available within 30 minutes of an advisory release.