17:30 Newscast, August 27th, 2015

President Barack Obama spent the better part of the day in New Orleans today walking through subdivisions to see, hear about and recognize areas which suffered substantial damage following Hurricane Katrina, but 10 years later are thriving developments or where construction is well underway. Mr. Obama says New Orleans is a great example of strength and resilience…:
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Former President George W. Bush will be in New Orleans tomorrow and President Bill Clinton visits Saturday.

The evacuation of New Orleans as Katrina approached was pure chaos but Department of Transportation spokesman Rodney Mallet says they’ve been working closely with our neighbors to improve the process…:
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Sunset in St. Landry Parish is in mourning following the shooting death of Police Officer Henry Nelson. 35-year-old Harrison Lee Riley allegedly shot Nelson when was responding to a domestic disturbance. Sunset Mayor Charles James says he’d known Nelson since he was a child and he’ll be someone who won’t be forgotten…
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The Louisiana Department of Agriculture unveils its new mobile pet shelter that can be used in the next Hurricane. Emelie Gunn has more…:
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