13:30 Newscast, August 27th, 2015

The St. Landry Parish town of Sunset is mourning the loss of Police Officer Henry Nelson. Eric Gill reports…:
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President Barack Obama is currently walking through communities in New Orleans to see, hear about and recognize areas which suffered substantial damage following Hurricane Katrina, but 10 years later are thriving developments or where construction is well underway. Mr. Obama said today that New Orleans is a great example of innovation in restoring urban communities.

10 years ago thousands of people were evacuating out of the New Orleans area as Hurricane Katrina was bearing down on Louisiana; and it was chaos. So in that time how has the state improved efforts to make such a large scale evacuation more smooth? Department of Transportation spokesman Rodney Mallett says they now contract with bus services…:
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He says they’ve also improved protocols with neighboring states to help out in contraflow situations.

The Louisiana Department of Agriculture says an all new mobile pet shelter is in place and ready for use in case someone is forced to leave their animals behind in natural disasters. Commissioner Mike Strain says anyone can go to an evacuation point and they will provide safe transportation to a mega pet shelter…:
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