16:30 Newscast, August 20th, 2015

There is a huge buzz around the state right now over the purported Baton Rouge Ashley Madison list which includes some fairly prominent names. The executive director of the statewide Republican Party Jason Dore says his name is on the list because his law firm routinely searches such online databases to provide clients with reports. There are 639 names on the Baton Rouge list.

We now have our first hurricane of this year’s Atlantic Hurricane Season. Eric Gill reports…:
CUT 1 (29) “I’m Eric Gill”

A Covington Fire Department official says three students from Covington High School were taken to the hospital this afternoon suffering from suspected drug overdoses. The Fire Department was called to the school after a report of an unresponsive student at lunch. Another student was also found unresponsive and a third reportedly told officials they had all taken the banned synthetic drug Mojo. At last report, the conditions of the three teens was unknown.

An Oakdale woman accused of killing, burning, and burying a pregnant woman and her unborn baby wants to change her plea. Pamela Causey-Fregia wants to plead not guilty by reason of insanity in the 2011 death of Victoria Perez and her unborn child. Legal analyst Tim Meche says it’s often difficult to establish an insanity defense…:
CUT 16 (12) “it can work”
Officials believe Causey-Fregia killed the pregnant Perez with the intent of taking her baby and raising it as her own.