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The state’s new paid family leave policy doesn’t apply to college employees but LSU and the University of Louisiana System says they’ll honor it. Brooke Thorington has more has more…

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Within the last week, there were three fatal fires in Louisiana. Colleen Crain spoke with the Louisiana State Fire Marshall’s office about fire safety…

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A lot goes into a Heisman campaign, and the LSU Athletic Department claimed a win in 2019 and odds are they will again Saturday. Brooke Thorington has more.

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University of Louisiana System President Doctor Jim Henderson says they will mirror the state’s policy to offer employees up to six weeks of paid paternal leave. After governor-elect Jeff Landry stated concerns that the policy could be too costly for the state, Henderson says they performed a study…

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Henderson says the policy allows parents to be able to focus on their newest addition to the family and it lessens the financial strain.

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While federal law allows for 12 weeks of unpaid family leave, Henderson says their option of paid leave is a great recruiting tool for the UL-system employment. He says feedback from current employees and been overwhelmingly positive.

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The policy goes into effect on January 1st.

LSU has also adopted the paid family leave policy.


In the last week, Louisiana has seen 3 fatal house fires. Louisiana State Fire Marshall Spokesperson, Ashley Rodrigue says one thing makes all the difference…

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If you cannot afford a smoke alarm, check with your local fire department or visit

With cold weather coming, Rodrigue wants to remind everyone to be careful with space heaters. Never plug them into extension cords or power strips and…

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 A recent kitchen fire claimed the life of a man in his thirties. Rodrigue says when cooking…

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If you do encounter a small fire on a stove, turn it off and cover the pot. A fire extinguisher can be useful but they can be tricky and may push grease out of a pan worsening the issue. Rodrigue says, if the fire is too big, don’t hesitate. Just get out of the house.


It’s been an especially busy few days for LSU Quarterback Jayden Daniels leading up to Saturday night’s Heisman Trophy ceremony in New York. And LSU Chief Brand Officer Cody Worsham says for the winner, Sunday’s schedule is nonstop…

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It was after Daniels played his historic game against Florida with 372 passing yards, 234 rushing yards, and five touchdowns, that Worsham says they amped up the Heisman campaign for ‘That Kid Jayden.’

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Worsham says Daniels’ outgoing personality has made the Heisman campaign a lot of fun and what you see on the field is what you get. For some, the spotlight can be a bit too much, but for the kid, Worsham says Daniels is taking it all in stride…

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On Thursday Daniels was named AP College Football Player of the Year, he’s the second LSU player to receive the honor. The first was Joe Burrow in 2019, who also won the Heisman that year.

The Heisman ceremony will air on ESPN at 7 PM on Saturday.


The Prep Classic continues today. At 3:30, St. James will take on Union Parish. St. James went on the road last week and upset second-seeded Sterlington. Wildcats Coach Lavanta Davis says Union Parish’s offense is tough to stop….

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Tonight’s game is a matchup of powerhouse teams as Catholic battles Acadiana for the Division One select championship. Catholic coach Hudson Fuller’s team is led by quarterback and Cajuns commitment Daniel Beale…

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Wreckin’ Rams Coach Matt McCullough says they need to win the turnover battle tonight…

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While the Saints are struggling to find solutions during their three-game losing streak, running back Alvin Kamara is hopeful the team can follow his lead and start having a solution-based mindset. Kamara says it’s important for the team to focus on the steps that lead to a solution and not just the problems they currently face

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An unforeseen number of Lions fans were in the stands last Sunday as the lower half of the Caesars Superdome was noticeably Honolulu blue and silver. Kamara says he had never seen anything like that as a player in the NFL and the boos by Who Dat nation was unsettling but justified.

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The 5-and-7 Saints host the 1-and-11 Panthers this Sunday.  Kamara says every game is a must-win situation 

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Jayden Daniels is expected to win the Heisman Trophy tomorrow night. After three up-and-down seasons at Arizona State, Daniels blossomed at LSU, becoming one of the top players in college football. Coach Brian Kelly credits Daniels’ work off the field with helping him be spectacular on the field…

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Daniels is trying to become the third LSU player to win the Heisman Trophy. Billy Cannon and Joe Burrow were the other two. Kelly says Daniels winning the Heisman will help on the recruiting trail…

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