10:30 LRN Newscast December 7

Louisianans pay three times the national average for homeowner’s insurance, the 3rd most expensive in the nation according to Business Insider. Colleen Crain takes a look…

Cut 2 (30)  “…I’m Colleen Crain.”

Portions of Highway 90  and Highway 308 in the Raceland area are closed due to poor visibility and unsafe conditions from remote marsh fires according to State Police. Several schools have also closed for the day. Louisiana Highway 182 has reopened. For the latest road conditions visit the Louisiana State Police Facebook page.


If you’re still shopping for a Christmas tree, the cost of the fresh tree scent at a local level has remained steady. Despite extreme temperatures and severe drought, Incoming President of the Southern Christmas Tree Association Kevin Steele says as it relates to prices…..

Cut 4 (07) “…or Alabama.”

Steele says the average price of a six-foot fresh tree is around eighty dollars. And if height matters…Steele is confident the supply is there to meet the expected demand. He suggests buying from a local Christmas tree farm instead of buying a plastic tree…

The actors’ strike is over but streaming has changed the entertainment business. Baton Rouge actor Jason Bayle says he voted to end the strike, but like others, he’s concerned about Artificial Intelligence or AI.

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