LRN PM Newscall November 30

A hearing in Caddo Parish today will decide if the election results by a single vote margin stand in the Sheriff’s race or if another runoff will be held. Brooke Thorington has more.

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A federal judge is giving state lawmakers a little more time to redraw a Congressional district map that must have two majority-minority districts to comply with the Voting Rights Act. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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Louisiana Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner Dr. Mike Strain says he’ll ask lawmakers next year to approve 43 million dollars for new firefighting equipment and personnel after the state’s worst wildfire season in history. Strain says he has prioritized a list of equipment.

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Wildfires in the Bayou State charred 62 thousand acres and destroyed $71 million in forestland from August through October.

Strain says crews from other states would bring their forestry bulldozers and other special equipment. He says a big ticket item to add to the agency’s inventory is air tankers.

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Strain says funding is critical in preparing for possible wildfires in the future. He says forestry-made bulldozers will also help crews to fight wildfires efficiently.

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The next legislative session begins in March.


Every parish in the state should see rain today as a wet weather pattern begins, especially for the southern half of Louisiana. LRN Meteorologist John Wetherbee says there’s a slight risk for flash flooding in central and southwest Louisiana…

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Southwest Louisiana is also under a slight risk for severe weather. Most of the rest is under a marginal risk. Wetherbee says heavy rainfall appears to be the biggest threat from this storm system that’s receiving energy from the Gulf of Mexico…

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A retired state Supreme Court Justice is hearing a lawsuit today filed by Caddo Parish Sheriff candidate John Nickelson who lost the election by one vote. During the recount, Nickelson says the Board of Election Supervisors only rescanned mail-in ballots instead of a hand count…

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In the runoff and the recount, Henry Whitehorn was declared the winner. He says the results should stand. The Democrat says he’s always been told the person with the most votes wins whether it’s by 1,000 votes or even just one…

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Whitehorn says the lawsuit is asking the court to disregard the election process.

Nickelson says the will of the people must be respected and that’s why he’s filed the lawsuit…

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Whitehorn says if he had lost the recount he wouldn’t have sought legal action and the lawsuit filed by his opponent is asking the court to disregard the election process and it….

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Retired Supreme Court justice, Joseph Bleich, is hearing the case and is expected to deliver a ruling tomorrow.


A federal judge is now giving the Louisiana Legislature until January 30th to redraw the state’s congressional map to include a second majority-minority district. It’s a two-week extension from the previous deadline of January 15th. Political Analyst Bernie Pinsonat says this still presents a challenge for lawmakers

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Under Louisiana law the earliest a special session can take place would be January 15th. Pinsonat says U-S District Judge Shelley Dick should realize January 30th is not enough time…

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Dick has scheduled a February fifth trial date to hear the merits of the current map.

The Congressional districts of Republicans Julia Letlow and Garret Graves most at risk, as a result of a new map.

Pinsonat says this leaves a supermajority of Republicans to redraw a minority seat that would benefit Democrats. He’s unsure if new lawmakers can create a second majority-black district.

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Governor-Elect Jeff Landry and new lawmakers will be sworn in on January 8th.