LRN AM Newscall November 29

Tickets to check out Rock legends The Rolling Stones at the 2023 Jazz Festival go on sale today at 1 pm. Teiko Foxx has more…

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Governor Elect Jeff Landry is talking safety and security in New Orleans today. Colleen Crain has the story

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The Louisiana Department of Health has met more than 90 percent of its 45 Fiscal Year 2023 goals. Brooke Thorington has more.

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The Rolling Stones are coming to the New Orleans Jazz Festival and Louisiana residents get the satisfaction of purchasing tickets first. Festival producer Quint Davis says Louisianans can purchase tickets at N-O-Jazz-Fest dot com starting at 1 pm today.

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Louisiana residents can snag up to six pre-sale tickets. Davis says the Stones want to play in the Big Easy. He says the festival will be the second stop on their US tour.

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There will be a limited number of one-day tickets. After being rebooked several times, Davis says the Stones will play on Thursday, May 2nd.

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Tickets for the general public will go on sale December 1 at 10 am. The full lineup will be released around January 15.


Governor Elect Jeff Landry is holding another transition press conference Wednesday on Louisiana State Police Appointments and other Safety and Security Appointments but this press conference won’t be in Lafayette. LA Politics Dot Com Publisher Jeremy Alford says there’s a reason for that…

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Alford says, Landry has been open about his opinion of the issues he sees in the state’s largest city. And though he cannot act on his appointments until he takes office next year, Alford believes Landry will make his plans clear…

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Landry will have many issues to tackle when he takes office. He’s talked about special sessions to address some of them and Alford says, there may be more sessions in Landry’s first year…

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The Louisiana Department of Health says they met 91 percent of their 45 goals set for Fiscal Year 2023. Deputy Secretary Tonya Joiner says instead of having competing multiple goals they create a framework that allows them to concentrate on specific health issues for the year….

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Among the biggest challenges facing the state are chronic diseases, maternal health, behavioral health, and overall access to quality healthcare. For maternal health, Joiner says focused on improving early childhood nutrition

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Another goal that made great strides this year, is increasing access to behavioral health. With the launch of the 9-8-8 nationwide suicide and mental crisis hotline in July of 2022, Joiner says they wanted to make sure in-state callers are assisted by local counselors.

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Joiner says they also increased screening rates and risk assessments for chronic disease through outreach partners in the state.


Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy says he’s working with lawmakers in Hawaii on Disaster Mitigation legislation. He says the bill would help reduce the impact of future storms on the Bayou State and elsewhere in the country.

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The state’s senior senator says in the military it’s called a “Hot Wash.” Right after a conflict, you review what worked and didn’t work….

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Cassidy gave examples of how Louisiana has learned from past storms, like pre-positioning fuel trucks where people were evacuating so gas stations could quickly be refueled and prepositioning generators.

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He says it’s part of his broader commitment to make sure Louisiana is as prepared as possible for future natural disasters.


Action Network college football reporter and Heisman Trophy Voter, Brett McMurphy knows that his job this year is not about comparing Oregon and LSU as teams, but Bo Nix and Jayden Daniels as individual players and the accomplishments that they have achieved this year. McMurphy says that while Conference Championships are important, players’ statistical data is much more influential to the vote.

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McMurphy says that the final PAC-12 Championship game between Oregon and Washington will ultimately help decide whether or not Bo Nix will win the Heisman this year. As unfortunate as it is for Daniels to be sidelined this week with LSU’s 3 losses, McMurphy also says that Daniels could benefit from a poor performance by Nix this weekend.

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McMurphy knows that both Bo Nix and Jayden Daniels are having sensational seasons, but he has one statistic that stands out to him in particular when looking at Daniels and the Tigers Offense. That statistic is first downs.

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Daniels or “the human first down” has helped lead LSU’s offense to 309 total first downs this season and LSU’s offensive statistics lead Oregon in almost every non-passing statistic this year.


After two seasons, Hue Jackson is out as the head coach of Grambling State. Jackson went 3-and-8 in his first season at Grambling and then 5-and-6 this season. Grambling Athletics Director Trayvean Scott says he decided to make a move after a couple of sleepless nights following the loss to Southern in the Bayou Classic…

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Co-offensive coordinator John Simon has been elevated to interim head coach. Scott hopes to name a permanent head coach in seven to ten days and he says Simon will be considered. The Grambling A-D was asked what he’s looking for in a head coach…

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