11:30 LRN Newscast Nov 28

Linda Frickey’s sister-in-law says justice was served after 18-year-old John Honore was found guilty of second-degree murder in the brutal New Orleans carjacking.  Kathy Richard says the murder was intentional and Honore could have made different choices.

Cut 4 (13) “…and left.”

A mystery respiratory disease among dogs in 12 states so far, is raising concern among veterinarians. New Orleans veterinarian Dr. Claire Guichard says while no cases have been reported in Louisiana there have been cases in Florida and Georgia. Symptoms include coughing, eye and nose discharge, and lethargy.

Cut 9 (09) “…than later” 

She says some dogs have died from the disease and it comes on rather fast.

The Nicholls State football team was stranded in a small airport for 22 hours this weekend after losing their playoff game. Nicholls’ Athletic Director Jonathan Terrell says it was a frustrating situation made worse when they weren’t able to get any answers from Eastern Airlines, the charter flight company.

Cut 6 (10) “…for us.”

The team finally made it home Sunday night.

Black Friday sales show online holiday shopping increased by seven percent over last year. Holiday shoppers spent nearly $10 billion in online sales in the U-S on Black Friday. LSU Marketing Professor Dan Rice says holiday shopping is starting to normalize following the post-pandemic surge in shopping.

Cut 7 (12) “…percent -ish.”