11:30 am Newscast

The Louisiana Convenience and Vape Store Association is challenging a new law that requires products to be on an approved list in order to be sold in Louisiana. They say it’s unconstitutional. Covington Representative Paul Hollis, who pushed for the vape legislation, says he doesn’t think the lawsuit will be a success since the vape products not on the registry are also not FDA approved.

Cut 5 (11) “ …bodies”  

After more than a six-month blackout, the lights are set to go back on in Hollywood South as a deal was reached between actors union and studios. The new three-year contract was valued at more than one billion dollars and included increases in minimum salaries, and benefits, as well as a new residual for streaming programs.


New Orleans Mayor Latoya Cantrell is in Kenya right now as she’s hit with ethics charges for those 15 flight upgrades over a 2 year period costing the city almost $29,000. She paid the city back last year but could still she could face a $10,000 fine.  Lapolitics.com publisher Jeremy Alford says, even if Cantrell is fined, we will have to wait and see…

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Your Thanksgiving Turkey will cost you 16 percent less this year. But the cost of other foods has nearly doubled. That’s according to Ag Commissioner Mike Strain, who says Strain says almost everything is more expensive, so…

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