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Your Thanksgiving Turkey will cost you 16 percent less this year. But the cost of other foods has nearly doubled. That’s according to Ag Commissioner Mike Strain, who says Strain says the price of everything from flour to canned corn to butter and cranberry sauce is higher

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Louisiana’s new V-A-P-E Directory is out. It contains nearly 400 products are authorized to be sold in Louisiana. But popular disposable vapes like Elf Bars did not make the cut. Covington Representative Paul Hollis, who pushed for the vape legislation, says that’s a good thing…

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New Orleans Mayor Latoya Cantrell is visiting Kenya for UN Meetings, meanwhile back home, she’s facing ethics charges. Colleen Crain has the story…

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Some good news out of St. John Parish. Interstate 55 is expected to reopen in both directions next week. I-55 north has been closed for nearly three weeks…that after 168 car pile up that left seven people dead.