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A dangerous morning on Interstate 10 in New Orleans East has left at least one person dead after several early morning accidents. The I-10 is shut down now in both directions as authorities say fog and smoke from that marsh fire burning nearby is causing near zero visibility.

(TIX)Yesterday, the Army Corps of Engineers contributed to the effort to flood out a wetland fire in New Orleans East… five 8 inch portable pumps. They’re on loan to try and drown out the smoldering fire that’s been causing problems for weeks.
Wildfires and drought have affected Louisiana’s bottom line when it comes to the $10 Billion dollar a year timber industry. Here’s Colleen Crain.

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Amendment 2 on the November 18th ballot would allow money allotted to inactive special funds to be transferred into the state’s general budget. President of the Public Affairs Research Council Steven Procopio says the amendment focuses on six inactive funds…

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State Transportation officials want your input on the state’s infrastructure and transportation plans. And they’re making it easy through a new website,latransportationplan-dot-la-dot-gov

DOTD spokesman Rodney Mallet says the user-friendly portal features straightforward navigation and gives individuals the opportunity to provide their thoughts on future projects…

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