6:30 am Newscast

DOTD unveils a new website to get public input on the state transportation plan. Here’s Teiko Fox.

Cut 1 (34) “…I’m Teiko Foxx.”

More than 200 jobs are coming to Acadiana as Infinity Valve & Supply is set to expand. Youngsville Mayor Ken Ritter says it’s a huge win for the city.

Cut 8 (11) “…to Lafayette.” 


It’s a ten billion dollar industry in Louisiana but the recent wildfires have hit the timber industry hard, costing the state millions of dollars. That’s according to Robbie Hutchins, a forester with the LSU Ag Center, who says the costs go beyond just logging. He says the timber industry employs about 45-thousand people and is indirectly responsible for 40 thousand more jobs.

Cut 11 (12) “…the mills.” 

The Army Corps of Engineers is contributing to the an effort to flood out a wetland fire in New Orleans East in the form of five 8 inch portable pumps. They’re on loan to try and drown out the smoldering fire that’s been producing blankets of foul-smelling smoke across the area for three weeks now. If there’s any other good news at this point, Fire officials there say the fire is mostly contained and doesn’t appear to be spreading.