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After the fatal shooting of Northwestern State football player Ronnie Caldwell, the season was canceled. But sophomore tight end Travon Jones has started a petition to change that. On the Natchitoches Parish Journal Podcast, he says players were never asked about ending the season.

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Jones says playing football helps them cope.

LSU Associate Athletics Director Taylor Jacobs provided an update on N-I-L and what’s next in the world of college athletics. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner Mike Strain is asking the public not to light a match when outside. Strain says the state needs a few inches of rain to end the wildfire threat

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Across the generations most employees would be willing to make sacrifices for a 4 day work week according to a July Bankrate Survey. The survey says Younger Gen Z and Millennial workers are willing to give up more than older Gen X and Baby Boomers though. Of the 83% of the younger groups, almost half 43% would sacrifice 3 or more aspects of their jobs for the shorter work week. 78% of the older groups also want to shorter week but only 26 % of them would make 3 or more sacrifices but 83% would make one. At least that’s how they answered the survey.