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So far, we’ve done daily profiles on gubernatorial candidates Sharon Hewitt and Hunter Lundy. Today’s feature is Stephen Waguespack. Brooke Thorington has more.

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The Corps of Engineers continues to work to mitigate saltwater intrusion into the Mississippi River that’s expected to impact water systems in southeast Louisiana. Brooke Thorington has more.

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Residents across the Bayou State who normally don’t have a rat problem are now seeing rats in their homes due to drought conditions. Teiko Foxx explains.

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In the governor’s race, Republican Stephen Waguespack received the nod from the editorial board of the Times-Picayune and Waguespack says he’s the best choice because he can turn the tide for Louisiana.

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He says the state also needs an education reform advocate who puts families and parents first. The former Chief of Staff for Governor Bobby Jindal says he’s spent his career doing such and that he knows how to change the system to make sure students are adequately prepared for jobs.

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Among his priorities, if elected, Waguespack says he’ll immediately call for a special legislative session to address the state’s insurance crisis. And the former Louisiana Association of Business and Industry President says he wants to do an outside audit of every state agency…

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Waguespack says he also plans to hire innovative, fresh, and cutting-edge minds from all over the country to run state agencies so Louisiana can compete with other states.


To date, the Corps of Engineers says Plaquemines, St. Bernard, Orleans, and Jefferson Parishes are expected to be impacted by the increased salinity in the Mississippi River. Director of the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness Casey Tingle…

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Tingle says plans are being implemented to curtail the issue and at this time there’s no reason to panic. He says unfortunately because of the low water conditions projected to remain on the Mississippi River, it’s expected to move upriver and impact the larger populations in Orleans and Jefferson Parishes.

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Tingle says GOHSEP is working with all parties to rectify the issue and implement emergency plans should they be needed. For residents in the four parishes expected to be impacted, he encourages them to know who their local water supplier is and to visit for the most up-to-date information.

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GOHSEP recommends having one gallon per person for at least days, for drinking and sanitation. At this time only Plaquemines, St. Bernard, Orleans, and Jefferson Parishes are expected to be impacted by the saltwater intrusion.


49-year-old Laura McLaughlin of Pitkin has been arrested in connection with the Rapides Parish wildfire on Highway 113 that spread into Vernon Parish. The Louisiana Forestry Association is offering a $15,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of those who intentionally set wildfires. LFA Executive Director Buck Vandersteen says the cost has been tremendous.

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Highway 113 Fire, which McLaughlin is accused of setting is 95 percent under containment. Vandersteen says and Lions Camp Road Fire is 100 percent contained and the Tiger Island Fire is 84 percent contained.

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Anyone with information about the Tiger Island fire or any other arson-related wildfires is encouraged to call the Department of Ag, the State Fire Marshal, or local law enforcement. State Ag and Forestry Commissioner Mike Strain says these wildfires placed many lives at risk and someone will be held liable.

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To report an arsonist or any information concerning the Tiger Island Fire, Highway 113 Fire, and the Lions Camp Road Fire call 1-855-452-5323.


The historic drought has many Louisianans smelling a rat. Dry conditions are forcing rats and mice into homes in search of food and water. LSU Ag Center Professor emeritus Dr. Claudette Reichel (Rye-cul) says the rodents have less access to food sources due to the drought.

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More than 60 different diseases are transmitted by the furry rodents. Reichel says exposure to rat droppings can cause allergic reactions in people who are hypersensitive.

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Reichel says traps, rodenticides, repellents, and predators are a few ways to remedy the rodent issue. She also suggests eliminating access to your home.

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Saints quarterback Derek Carr has a sprained AC joint in his throwing shoulder and it’s possible he could play this Sunday against Tampa Bay. Coach Dennis Allen says the injury could have been much worse…

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Quarterback Jameis Winston would start against the Buccaneers if Carr can’t play, but Allen says they are not ruling Carr out yet…

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The Saints are coming off a tough loss in Green Bay, blowing a 17-point lead in the fourth quarter. Coach Dennis Allen says it’s a difficult defeat but they have to respond in a positive fashion…

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LSU ranks towards the bottom in several SEC defensive categories after four games. They are allowing 25 points a contest and 360 yards a game, which ranks 11th out of 14 teams. But Coach Brian Kelly believes once his players start doing ordinary things extraordinarily well, the defense will improve…

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Kelly is also calling on his players to do their job and not try to do their job, plus someone else’s.

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