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Between now and the start of early voting on September 30th, we’ll hear from each of the six main candidates running for governor. Today it’s Republican State Senator Sharon Hewitt, who was elected in the state legislature in 2016 and she’s also an engineering executive. Hewitt says as governor, she will support the traditional oil and gas industry, while also diversifying the state’s energy portfolio….
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Pollster John Couvillon is predicting a voter turnout for the October 14th primary of 40-to-45 percent. Registered Democratic voters outnumber Republican voters by nearly 150-thousand but Couvillon doesn’t see Democrats energized by Democrat Shawn Wilson’s campaign…
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The last day to register to vote is tomorrow and at this point you can only register for the October 14th primary at geaux-vote-dot-com.

A historically hot and dry summer officially comes to an end tomorrow with the first day of Fall. Teiko Foxx spoke with an expert on if the weather pattern will change in the fall…
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Historically low rainwater in the Mississippi River basin has resulted in what is called a saltwater wedge traveling up the Mississippi River. There’s not enough fresh water flowing down the Mississippi to keep salt water from the Gulf from coming up the river. It’s causing issues with the drinking water in South Plaquemines Parish. Governor Edwards will hold a press conference this afternoon to discuss how the state is addressing this issue.