10:30 LRN Newscast Sept 21

Family members of victims and District Attorneys across the state voiced their opposition to the upcoming death row inmate clemency hearings. Several DAs and Attorney General Jeff Landry have filed lawsuits to block Governor Edwards and the Pardon Board for not following the proper and necessary steps and conducting what Landry says were proceedings outside of the public eye. Edwards disagrees…

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Evelyn Salone was also shot when her husband Troy was killed by death row inmate Donald Leger (Lay-zhay) almost 22 years ago in St. Mary Parish. Salone says Edwards is circumventing the rules and hurting everyone who lost loved ones at the hands of the death row inmates.

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The first round of clemency hearings is scheduled for October.

Entergy Louisiana is offering bill payment assistance to eligible residential customers to help with high utility costs caused by the historic heat. Vice President of Customer Service Michelle Bourg says funds are available on a first come first serve basis…

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Customers can apply through the United Way website starting Friday at noon.

Louisiana Tech welcomes their largest freshman class in school history, 22-hundred strong and a 28-percent increase from last year. Vice President of Student Achievement, Doctor Dickie Crawford, says it took a team effort to attract this freshmen class and it’s not just students from the Boot…

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