11:30 LRN Newscast

Loss of containment in the Tiger Island Fire has forced Beauregard Parish authorities to issue another evacuation order for residents south of Highway 10 between Singer and Merryville. Beauregard Parish Sheriff Spokesperson Shannon Burgess says the highway was open but reclosed out of caution for motorists in the area.

Cut 7 (11) “…in Singer” 

Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon announced homeowners will be eligible to apply for $10 thousand grants to strengthen their roofs starting Oct. 2. Donelon says this program is modeled after a successful program that Alabama has been running for a few years…

Cut 10 (08) “…30-million before this year”

Will Green President of the Louisiana Automobile Dealers Association says local car dealerships already ordered extra parts and vehicles in anticipation of the United Auto Worker’s strike, which began Friday, but if the strike lingers…

Cut 3 (05) “…of parts.”

The two front-runners in the governor’s race to make a November run-off were attacked multiple times in Friday’s televised debate. Republican John Schroder pointed out Jeff Landry’s campaign took a donation from a trial attorney whose firm was fined two million dollars for participating in a fraud scheme against hurricane victims….

Cut 13 (13) “…how does that happen.”