2:30 LRN Newscast

Fire crews from multiple parishes, cities, and other states continue to respond to the numerous wildfires that have plagued Louisiana this summer.
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Governor Edwards announced that FEMA has approved Louisiana’s request for a Fire Management Assistance Grant to help with wildfire fighting efforts for the Highway 113 Fire in Vernon and Rapides parishes. This brings the total number of FMAGs to four, which will help cover the costs of fighting these fires.

The state continues to drive home the message there are no exceptions to the statewide burn ban. That means even outdoor grilling should not take place during this time of extremely dry conditions. Casey Tingle is the director of the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness….
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Violation of the burn ban order could result in criminal and or civil penalties.

State Police has released more information on an officer involved shooting that took place last Saturday in Vinton. Trooper Derek Senegal says there was an exchange of gunfire between a suspect from Texas and multiple officers in Cameron Parish. Senegal says 34-year-old Spencer Wilson fled into an grass field and was later found dead….
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One officer was shot in the incident, but he was treated and released.