12:30 LRN Newscast Aug 14

The husband of New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell has died. More on that from Brooke Thorington…:

CUT 01  (30)        “…Thorington.”

Gasoline prices are at their highest levels in nearly a year. The reason? Russia and Saudi Arabia cutting production drastically. Today’s statewide average for regular is $3.43-a-gallon. Discount places are selling gas for as little As $3.05 but you have to search it out.


Animal shelters statewide are strained to bursting with unwanted pets. Some say due to inflation and the rising cost of food and veterinary care. Jeff Dorson with the state Humane Society says more than 30 of the state’s 64 parishes lack parish-wide facilities to provide necessary services for homeless animals…:

CUT 03(11)      “…the background.”

KPLC TV meteorologist Ben Terry passed away Sunday after his almost three-year battle with colon cancer. The Lake Charles weatherman guided southwest Louisiana through Hurricane Laura and lost his home in the devastation.  Fellow meteorologist Wade Hampton says months after Laura, Ben received his cancer diagnosis…:

CUT 06(10)      “…loved for it.”

Ben Terry was just 40.