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The Louisiana Pardon Board has decided not to act on the 56 clemency applications they received from death row inmates. Dashing their hopes of Governor Edwards commuting their sentences to life without parole. The Board says based on its own rules, they can not take up the cases, because the applications were not made within one year of their last appeal. But Louisiana Capital appeals Project director Cecelia Kappel says they’ve waived this rule before…
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Kappel hopes the governor will request that the Louisiana Pardon Board look at the cases.

Covington Republican Representative Paul Hollis is running for a seat on the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education. Hollis is term-limited as a state lawmaker but wants to continue his public service.
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Beginning August 1st pregnant women in Louisiana will have the ability to recoup half of their out-of-pocket pregnancy-related medical expenses from the father. Brooke Thorington has more.
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No break from the heat and it will only get hotter as the entire state could see triple-digit readings this weekend lasting into next week. At Saints training camp, where the heat index reached 111 degrees, two receivers Shaq Davis and Keith Kirkwood, could not finish this morning’s practice because they were over heated. Coach Dennis Allen says the heat is a serious deal.