12:30 LRN Newscast June 30

If you plan on hitting the water this 4th of July weekend, expect to see an increased presence from the Wildlife & Fisheries agents. It’s called Operation Dry Water, and LDWF’s Lt. Garret Kimble says DWI on the water carries the same penalties as on the road and it will also impact your on-road driving privileges…:

CUT 04(12)      “…in jail.”

Speaking of DWI, the state Highways Safety Commission’s “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign is doing much the same on Louisiana’s roadways. Greg Fischer, with the LHSC, says expect to see a big police presence this weekend…:

CUT 12  (11)        “…off the road.”

A DWI can cost over $10-thousand. He says it’s just not worth the risk to drive impaired.


DOTD workers in Baton Rouge reported to police they found a body yesterday afternoon alongside Interstate 110, while stopping to offer motorist assistance. The remains were not far from the Governor’s Mansion. It’s yet unclear how the person died or how long the remains had been there.

Congressman Steve Scalise met with LSU Coach Brian Kelly and other SEC officials to discuss potential legislation regarding collegiate Name-Image-Likeness deals. Kace Kieschnick has more…:

CUT 02(33)      “…Kieschnick.”