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Legislation that’s been called Louisiana’s version of “Don’t Say Gay Bill’ heads to the Senate for possible final passage. Brooke Thorington reports.
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The legislative session must end Thursday and lawmakers are still trying to agree on a spending plan for next fiscal year. The Senate leadership would like to raise the spending cap in order to fund teacher pay raises and construction projects, but fiscal conservatives in the House are concerned about a loss in state revenue in 2025 when the state’s sales tax is lowered.

Ruston peaches are a sweet-tasty crop in North Louisiana but the peach industry is still dealing with a fungus in the soil nearly a decade later. Mitcham Farm Manager Joe Mitcham says farmers are still losing a portion of their crops due to the fungus.
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Despite a decline in peach production in north Louisiana, the 73rd Ruston Peach Festival will still take place in downtown Ruston on Saturday.

Colorado State University researchers have increased their hurricane forecast and now predicting a near-average season. CSU Hurricane Investigator Angelie Nieves-Jimenez says they believe the 2023 season will produce 15 named storms….
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Forecasters are keeping an eye on a tropical depression in the Gulf of Mexico, but significant strengthening is not expected as it makes its way towards Cuba.