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A recent Tulane University study explains why black adults in the U.S. have a 59% higher risk of premature death than white adults can be linked to disparities in eight areas of life.  Assistant Professor of Epidemiology Dr. Josh Bundy says it will take policy, research, and a multidisciplinary approach to tackle these issues.

Cut 12 (13)    “…social determinants.” 

Socioeconomic factors account for 50% of the Black-White difference in mortality. However, the other 50% difference was explained by marital status, food security, job quality, and insurance status.

Plaquemines Democrat Rep. Chad Brown says the state’s efforts to preserve alligators have worked too well, and his House Resolution would ask Wildlife and Fisheries to seek ways to limit alligators’ intrusion into human-populated areas. In the House Natural Resources Committee, Brown says gators are becoming much more of a threat…:

Cut 14 (06)  “…too many alligators.”

Brown’s HCR 132 would – as a safety measure – request LDWF, and the Alligator Council, to consider a longer alligator harvest season, with slightly increased limits for hunters…:

Wedding Bells will ring today for Trina Edwards and John Alario. Brooke Thorington has more from former Governor Edwin Edwards’ widow.

Cut 1 (30)  “…I’m Brooke Thorington.”

New Orleans District Attorney Jason Williams is considering joining the crowded race for state governor because of numerous attacks by Attorney General and Republican gubernatorial frontrunner Jeff Landry against him and ‘his city’ that he called ‘racist’. Williams would become the second Democrat running against former Secretary of Transportation Shawn Wilson. Governor Edwards said Williams would change the dynamics for the Democrats and hopes Williams will stay out of the race. Williams has not decided if he will run but he has until August 10 the end of the qualifying period.