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Wedding Bells will ring today for Trina Edwards and John Alario. Brooke Thorington has more from former Governor Edwin Edwards’ widow.

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Black adults face a 59 %  greater risk of premature death than white people, and a new study by Tulane University points to social determinants as the reasons why. Teiko Foxx explains.

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House Natural Resources Committee advances a resolution asking for more be done to control the state’s burgeoning alligator population. More from Kevin Gallagher…:

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One of the most anticipated weddings in Louisiana is in New Orleans today. The widow of former Governor Edwin Edwards, Trina Edwards will tie the knot with former Senate President and Speaker of the House John Alario. In a recent interview on “Talk Louisiana with Jim Engster,” Edwards said she couldn’t be happier.

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The couple will get married in a private ceremony at the State Supreme Court Building and host a luncheon afterward. 79-year-old Alario popped the question on Edwards’ 44th birthday. The couple will have a blended family and Edwards said Alario’s children have been extremely kind to her.

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Edwards said before the former governor passed away almost two years ago at the age of 93, they even talked about her getting married again and potential candidates.

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The couple will maintain homes in Baton Rouge and Westwego.


Today marks the first day of the 2023 hurricane season and the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (GOHSEP) encourages residents to get their emergency game plan in place. GOHSEP Spokesperson Mike Steele says now is the time to prepare even if you don’t have to use it.

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NOAA is forecasting a near-normal season with 12 to 17 named storms with five to nine of those being hurricanes. One to four storms are projected to be major. Steele suggests the best way to prepare is to create a checklist, restock, and stay connected.

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Since Hurricane Ida, FEMA continues to house more than 3,800 families in mobile homes, travel trailers, and other ready-to-occupy housing. Steele says it is important for those residents to stay updated on the weather at all times.

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Residents can visit to prepare.


A Tulane University study finds disparities in eight areas of life critical to health and well-being explains why Black adults in the U.S. have a 59% higher risk of early death than White adults. Assistant Professor of Epidemiology Dr. Josh Bundy says when all unfavorable social determinants for Black adults were accounted for the mortality disparity was reduced to zero.

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Using data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, Tulane researchers modeled the impact of each factor on a person’s life expectancy. The study shows the gap can be explained by employment, income, food security, income, education level, access to healthcare, quality health insurance, home ownership, and marital status. Bundy says the mortality gap has been largely pinned on socioeconomic factors which only explains a portion of the gap.

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Socioeconomic factors account for 50% of the Black-White difference in mortality. However, the other 50% difference was explained by marital status, food security, job quality, and insurance status. Bundy says it will take policy, research, and a multidisciplinary approach to tackle these issues.

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Adult Black males have a higher rate of early death than Black females. Bundy hopes the concept gains more traction and policymakers use these findings to address the race-based mortality gap.


Plaquemines Democrat Rep. Chad Brown says the state’s efforts to preserve alligators have worked too well, and his House Resolution would ask Wildlife & Fisheries to look into expanding the hunting limit. In the House Natural Resources Committee, Brown says the state has almost three times the number of gators as Florida, and they are becoming a nuisance…:

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Brown tells committee members LDWF has done wonders in preserving alligators and assuring they thrive. And while he does not criticize the work wildlife agents have done, he says gators are becoming much more of a threat…:

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Brown’s HCR 132 would – as a safety measure – request LDWF, and the Alligator Council, to consider a longer alligator harvest season, with slightly increased limits for hunters…:

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Committee members shared their own tales of alligator encroachment on human areas, before voting unanimously to approve the resolution and send it to the House floor.


The LSU Tigers will practice this morning at Alex Box Stadium ahead of their matchup with the Tulane Green Wave tomorrow afternoon to open up the Baton Rouge Regional. The Bayou Bengals are expected to make it to Omaha and the College World Series and LSU star Tre Morgan believes they will be tough to beat…

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The big question for LSU, do they have enough pitching. Ty Floyd and Thatcher Hurd both pitched well in last week’s SEC Tournament. Johnson says Hurd has come a long way from his previous struggles

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The Ragin Cajuns are south Florida getting ready to play Texas on Friday to open up the Coral Gables Regional. Right-handed pitcher Cooper Rawls says they are not in the Sunshine State to work on their tan…

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SEC spring meetings are ongoing in Destin, Florida with no decision in sight on what to do with the football schedule when Oklahoma and Texas enter the league in 2024. There’s a desire to go to a nine-game SEC schedule, but several schedules would like to keep the league schedule at eight games and keep playing four non-conference games. 247-sports national college football writer Brandon Marcello says SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey has struggled to get a consensus

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Some schools oppose a nine-game schedule over concerns it will be harder to become bowl eligible or get in the 12-team playoff. Alabama Coach Nick Saban does not like the three teams that the Crimson Tide would play on a permanent basis. There’s also a concern about costs about dropping non-conference games. But Marcello says the SEC should get more TV money from ESPN for playing an extra conference game

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