11:30 LRN Newscast May 31

We have our first attack ad in the governor’s race. A group supporting Republican candidate Stephen Waguespack claims in a TV and radio spot that Jeff Landry, the perceived front-runner in the governor’s race, has been soft on crime during his time as Attorney General…

Cut 6 (11)  “…in America” 

A super PAC called Reboot Louisiana produced the ad. The Landry campaign responded by announcing endorsements from eight sheriffs and district attorneys.

The statewide average for a gallon of regular gasoline is $3.13, $1.10 cheaper than the same time last year. AAA Fuel Analyst Don Redman says crude oil prices are under $70 a barrel and that translates to better prices for the consumer.

Cut 3 (10) “…this year”

Pineville Representative Mike Johnson’s bill that says if a cop in the commission of his job tells you to stay back, you must keep at least 25 feet away or be charged with a misdemeanor is headed to the Senate, Megan Gentry, with the Louisiana Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys told House Criminal Justice committee members the 25-foot rule in the bill is unconstitutionally vague.

Cut 12 (07)    “…nobody knew.” 

Senate-approved legislation to add the suicide crisis 9-8-8 number to state-issued driver’s licenses and IDs advances in House Transportation. Natchitoches Senator Louie Bernard says a group of students at Northwestern State who lost friends to suicide inspired the legislation.

Cut 13 (10) “…number to call.”  
According to the C-D-C, nearly 700 people in Louisiana committed suicide in 2021.