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LSU’s annual “Louisiana Survey” of public opinions shows residents’ Number One concern is CRIME. More from Kevin Gallagher…:

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It’s the law to wear a seatbelt in Louisiana and Louisiana Highway Safety Commission is making sure all occupants are buckled up during their “Click it or Ticket” campaign through June 4th. Teiko Foxx has more.

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The family of the 63-year-old Houston woman who died of hypothermia in a New Iberia Arby’s May 11th is suing the owners of the chain. Brooke Thorington has more.

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LSU’s annual “Louisiana Survey” public opinion poll shows crime is residents’ top concern. The survey is done by LSU’s Reilly Center for Media & Public Affairs to gauge public opinion of life, government and policies. Study lead Michael Henderson says the yearly telephone interview survey of over 500 random statewide residents got a surprising result this time around…:

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Henderson says 20 percent of respondents said their biggest worry was rising crime. He says that is the highest number on that particular question in memory…:

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Henderson says folks taking the Louisiana Survey reported they can see crime getting worse and spreading everywhere…:

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Henderson hopes law enforcement and government leaders will take note and understand the public is looking for better, safer times.


Louisiana Highway Safety Commission reminds drivers law enforcement will be out to issue tickets to anyone who doesn’t buckle up during the “Click It or Ticket” campaign through June 4. Spokesperson Gregory Fischer says wearing a seat belt increases your chances of surviving a vehicle crash.

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State law mandates every person in a vehicle must wear a seat belt or be in a child safety seat. Fewer than 14 percent of drivers and passengers make up more than half of the motor vehicle fatalities in the state. Fischer says unsecured backseat drivers can be in more jeopardy during a crash.

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The 2022 LHSC survey shows 91 percent of women wear seatbelts, while men are at 82-percent. New Orleans and Monroe have the highest seat belt usage at 88 percent. Fischer says the usage rate is lower in central Louisiana.

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A first-time ticket for not wearing a seatbelt costs $50, and subsequent offenses are $75.


The most recent ALICE Report, which stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed from the United Way indicates more than half of Louisiana households are struggling to make ends meet. President of the Louisiana Association of United Ways, Sarah Berthelot says the Bayou State ranks second in the country, just behind Mississippi…

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In 2021 the ALICE Household Survival Budget for a working family of four was $66,000, far above the Federal Poverty Level of $26,500. Berthelot says that would mean wage earners in a household of four would need $33 an hour to meet household expenses, yet 70 percent of the state’s most common jobs pay less than $20 an hour.

Berthelot says stagnant wages and inflation are to blame.

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Berthelot says so many families are working extremely hard to pay their expenses but the 11-percent increase in inflation is making it extremely difficult and so many families were forced to dip into their savings during the pandemic.

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A link to view the ALICE report can be found on the


Family members of the 63-year-old Houston woman who died of hypothermia at the New Iberia Arby’s on May 11th are suing Turbo Restaurants, the Texas-based company that owns the franchise. Attorney Paul Skrabanek (scraw-bionic) says Nguyet Lee (New wet Lee) was the acting manager when she was found dead in the walk-in cooler.

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Turbo Restaurants had asked Le, who managed an Arby’s in Houston, to manage the New Iberia eatery temporarily for four to six weeks. Skrabanek says it was Le’s 41-year-old special needs son who worked with her that made the grisly discovery. He says the police told them Le tried to fight her way out.

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Skrabanek says Le was alone at the restaurant and arrived around 9 o’clock that morning and was discovered about an hour and a half later. He says employees were using a screwdriver to go in and out of the cooler and propping the door open with a box, since Fall. He says they want to bring about awareness of the incident and are seeking monetary damages. He says he’s heard nothing from the owners.

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Skrabanek says Le was a mother of four from a tight-knit hard-working Asian family.


U-L Lafayette fans are getting ready for a late night so they can watch the Lady Cajun softball team batting Washington in game one of a super regional series. First pitch from Seattle is at 9 PM. The 22nd-ranked Cajuns have won 50 games this year, while the Huskies are 41-13 and ranked fifth in the country. U-L Coach Gerry Glasco says there will be a lot of talent on the field during this best-of-three series

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Both teams enter the super regionals on an emotional high. The Cajuns beat their in-state rival LSU twice on Sunday, while Washington had to rally from six runs down in the seventh to beat McNeese and win its regional. Glasco says getting off to a good start will be key…

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The Cajuns won the Baton Rouge regional despite committing five errors in the championship game against LSU. Glasco says they need to keep the errors to a minimum this weekend…

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The national champion LSU women’s basketball team meets President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden today for a ceremony to celebrate the Lady Tigers and the national champion UCONN men’s basketball team. The voice of the Lady Tigers Patrick Wright says the champs are excited about the trip…

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The Lady Tigers hoops squad is the fourth LSU sport to visit the White House in celebration of a national championship. The last time an LSU team went to the White House was the 2019 national champion football team and they produced a viral video while dancing to “Get the Gat.” Wright wouldn’t be surprised if this team produces a sequel…

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