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State Treasurer John Schroder announce more than 25 thousand unclaimed property checks totaling $4.4 million dollars will be mailed out to Louisiana residents today. Teiko Foxx has more.

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Louisiana Congressman Garrett Graves is in the middle of the debt ceiling talks. Jeff Palermo reports the Republican from Baton Rouge gives an update on how talks are going…

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The Department of Treasury is shipping out nearly 26,000 unclaimed property checks today, totaling $4.4 million. State Treasurer John Schroder says the checks are real, so take it to the bank.

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Each year businesses turn over millions of dollars in unclaimed cash, stocks, bonds, securities, and insurance proceeds to the Treasurer’s Office. Schroder says the Department of Revenue shares its database of current addresses so that recipients have a better chance of receiving checks.

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These funds include payroll checks, old bank accounts, utility deposits, and life insurance proceeds. Schroder says one in six individuals in Louisiana has “unclaimed property”, with claims averaging $900.

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To find out if you have unclaimed property, search or call 888-925-4127.


Baton Rouge Congressman Garret Graves is one of the top Republican mediators in the debt ceiling talks. President Biden is urging Congress to raise the nation’s debt limit, now at 31 trillion dollars. Graves says the G-O-P is willing to raise the debt ceiling but they want to cut spending…

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But the White House believes deficits can be reduced if tax breaks end for wealthy households and some corporations.

Negotiators are facing a June 1st deadline and if a deal is not reached, financial markets could be thrown into upheaval as the federal government would default on its debts. Graves says they are making some progress in negotiations…

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Graves says taking tax breaks away is not a way to raise revenue, instead it’s time the federal government spends less money than it did this year…

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A bill that would limit certain foreign entities from leasing or buying property in Louisiana has won approval in the state House of Representatives. HB 537 comes from Livingston Parish Republican Rep. Valarie Hodges, who call the bill a “Louisiana sovereignty bill”…:

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The bill would ban agents of China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela or Russia from buying and titling property in the state. In committee, many Asian Americans voiced worries the bill would limit their ability to buy land or businesses here. Hodges says the bill isn’t concerned with persons or small businesses…:

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The help clarify the language, Houma Republican Rep. and Speaker Pro Tem Tanner McGee offered an amendment…:

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By a 78-to-22 vote (pretty much down party lines) HB 537 moves now to the Senate.


The top ranked LSU baseball team moved into the winner’s bracket of the SEC Tournament today with a ten to three win over South Carolina. Left fielder Brayden Jobert homered for the Tigers and Thatcher Hurd and Nate Ackenhausen were outstanding on the mound. It was win number 400 for Coach Jay Johnson…

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Ackenhausen earned his second save of the season while Hurd picked up the win. The right-hander was using Paul Skenes is glove and he allowed four hits and three runs in the outing…

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LSU’s next game in the SEC Tournament is Thursday afternoon at 4:30 PM.