1:30 LRN Newscast May 19

After a catastrophic computer systems failure, the state Office of Motor Vehicles remains closed statewide today. The technical outage affected numerous state agencies, but the OMV was seriously impacted; bringing operations to an abrupt halt Thursday. OMV offices remain closed today due to connectivity issues for internet, email and online applications, while tech crews replace failed hardware and backup systems. State Officials says the outage was NOT the result of any outside cyberattack or hack. They expect OMV and all other state systems to be back up and available to all by Monday morning.

A bill to ban social media platforms from allowing minors to have their own account without parental consent passed in the Senate but it would only go into effect if funds are allocated for enforcement.  Bill author, Covington Senator Patrick McMath…:

CUT 12(11)      “…health crisis.”

That bill moves now to the House for committee review.


A bill that jacks up minimum bail amounts for persons accused of violent and/or gun crimes has cleared the House Criminal Justice Committee. The bill is from Crowley Republican Rep. John Stefanski. Opposing the bill, Michael Calhoun, with the Promise of Justice Initiative, who says higher bail often punishes the family of the accused, who pay the bond…:

CUT 07(09)      “…their income.”

The bill passed committee and heads for the House floor next week. The legislature must wrap up June 8th.

Two Alexandria boys are under arrest for allegedly shooting a neighbor’s chihuahua to death with a BB gun. The boys, whose ages have not been released, are charged with Aggravate animal Cruelty.

And for safety’s sake, Field of Dreams Park in Bossier City was closed after a 5-foot gator was spotted nearby. The same park was shut down in April, while wildlife & Fisheries agents removed a 6-foot alligator. The park will reopen once this one is captured.