4:30 LRN Newscast April 28

The Baton Rouge Tigerland bar that over-served an underage LSU student on the night she died has been ordered to close its doors for good. Kevin Gallagher has that story…:

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Legislation allowing schools to designate school protection officers with the authority to carry a concealed handgun on campus with proof of a valid permit was removed because the law already exists. Gonzales Representative Eddie Lambert decided to pull SB 158 after learning a current law that has similar language.

Hairy legislation to reduce the required class hours for cosmetology students to be licensed in Louisiana passes in the House. Bill author, Slidell Rep Mary DuBuisson says the Cosmetology Board would continue to uphold state requirements.

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Students will still be required to pass a national exam to become licensed in Louisiana. The bill advances to a Senate committee.

A New Orleans teen has set a U.S. record by receiving more than $9 million in scholarships and 180 college acceptances. 16-year-old Dennis Maliq Barnes, a senior at International High School, has a 4.98 GPA and was promoted early to 10th and 11th. He says his goal is to reach $10 million in funding.

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Where he’ll attend college has yet to be decided but he plans to pursue a dual degree in Computer Science and Criminal Justice. He graduates from high school on May 24.