10:30 LRN Newscast

Legislation that would prohibit school faculty and staff from discussing gender identity and sexual preference topics in the classroom clears its first legislative hurdle. Bossier Parish Republican Representative Dodie Horton sponsors the legislation. In the House Education Committee, Baton Rouge Rep. Barbara Frieberg believes this is not a matter for the legislative.

Cut 4 (09)  “…shouldn’t control this.”

Horton says local school districts tell her the policy would be more defensible from a legal standpoint if it is set into state statutes…:

Women’s basketball coach Kim Mulkey brought a national championship to LSU, now she wants a new or remodeled basketball arena.  Mulkey made her demand during a speech in front of the Baton Rouge Rotary Club…

Cut 6 (12)  “…dangerous in there” 

The Pete Maravich Assembly Center is actually 51 years old and 2009 was the last time major work was done to the facility.

A Louisiana High School teen has earned $1.2 million in scholarships for college. Kelsie Tillage, senior at Southern University Laboratory School in Baton Rouge, says when she applied she wasn’t sure if she qualified.

Cut 8 (10) “…this feat.”

Tillage already has 30 college credit hours at Southern University with a 4.25 GPA. She will attend Spelman College this fall.

After exhausting all other options, St. Charles Parish files a lawsuit against FEMA seeking transparency of the Risk Rating 2.0 calculations. Parish President Matthew Jewell says  the new pricing system has not been shared.

Cut 12 (07)    “…this model.” 

The federal lawsuit is filed on the basis of being denied a public document under the Freedom of Information Act.