LRN PM Newscall April 26

A bill to keep auto insurance rates from using gender as a factor when determining premiums narrowly passes in committee and is heading to the Senate. Brooke Thorington has more.

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The top ranked LSU baseball went down in defeat last night as the Nicholls Colonels pulled off a dramatic upset victory over the Tigers. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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More than 150 new jobs are coming to Shreveport as Prolec GE will invest 28-million dollars to expand its Caddo Parish facility to manufacture electrical transformers used in wind farms, solar parks and renewable energy applications. Prolec GE Business Unit Director Sergio Fernandez says the additional jobs will add to the 282 they currently have

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The company plans to hire machine operators, maintenance personnel, supervisors and engineers. Fernandez says the additional production capacity will help ease transformer supply chain concerns…

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Fernandez says construction on the new line will begin in June and is expected to reach full production capacity in June 2024.

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An ATV crash near Slidell last night killed a 14-year-old girl and injured another 14-year-old girl. St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s office spokesperson Suzanne Carboni says this is any parent’s worst nightmare…

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Both girls were ejected from the ATV. Carboni says neither girl was wearing a helmet, which is essential for minors…

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Both females were transported to separate area hospitals. Unfortunately, 14-year-old Samia Rogers of Slidell succumbed to her injuries. Preliminary autopsy findings were consistent with blunt force trauma.


Rapides Parish Sheriff Deputies have arrested two men in the death of an Alexandria man found in a ditch on LA Highway 1 North last week. 42-year-old Rochaune Prenell of Alexandria was found dead with multiple gunshot wounds by a mowing crew. Spokesperson Tommy Carnline says authorities were able to close in on two individuals.

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Authorities arrested 32-year-old Donald Ray Sias, Jr. and O-tha Lee Tatum, Sr. both of Alexandria. Sias was in jail for unrelated charges and rearrested for carjacking, second-degree murder, criminal conspiracy, and obstruction of justice. Tatum was also arrested for obstruction of justice and criminal conspiracy.

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The investigation is still ongoing.


Legislation to prohibit insurance carriers from using gender as a factor when setting auto insurance rates advances from Senate Insurance. Bill author Alexandria Senator Jay Luneau says women are often charged a higher premium than men even if they have an identical driving record.

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The only female on the committee Monroe Senator Katrina Jackson says it’s a very simple gender shouldn’t be used to determine whether or not she’s an at-risk driver, especially when insurance companies have access to one’s driving record.

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Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon says insurance carriers are not discriminating against females. He says companies refer to it as predictive modeling that differentiates between young women and men, and older women and men.

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Chair of the Insurance Committee, Senator Kirk Talbot opposes the legislation for fear that it would cause insurance rates for male drivers to increase.

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The legislation passed narrowly on a five to four vote and moves to the Senate floor.


Lawmakers are hoping to address the ever-growing problem of drug overdose deaths. Slidell Senator Sharon Hewitt’s bill goes after the source. Senate Bill 49 in essence doubles the current penalties for those who manufacture fentanyl in clandestine labs.

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A first offense would carry a 10-to-40-year prison sentence, ten years without parole, and up to a $50,000 fine.

The Republican Senator says the bill has the support of sheriffs, district attorneys, and coroners in Louisiana.

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The bill passed in the Senate 33 to 2 and will be heard next in a House committee.