3:30 LRN Newscast March 27

According to the FAA, when a Baton Rouge Police helicopter crashed around 2:30 Sunday morning, the air traffic control tower at BTR was most likely unmanned. The two pilots assisting with a search were killed as a result and the crash was not discovered until 11 am. The FAA is leading the investigation.

The state fire marshal’s office is investigating a deadly fire in Monroe that claimed the life of a young boy. Jeff Palermo has the latest….

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The United Cajun Navy is helping tornado recovery in Mississippi that claimed at least 26 people. After seeing the devastation, UCN President Todd Terrell says it’s a miracle there weren’t more fatalities. He credits the ability to use heat sensors in planes and drones.

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Pollock Representative Gabe Firment has filed a bill requiring insurance companies to offer policyholders an endorsement that would pay to upgrade a damaged roof to fortified standards.  Firment says keeping wind and rain out of the home decreases damage which makes homes a better risk for the insurance companies.

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The session begins two weeks from today.