4:30 LRN Newscast Jan 31

At the State Capitol, the legislature’s special session on the insurance crisis passes a first hurdle. A House committee approves a bill to make a $45-million incentive fund to help draw new private property insurers to Louisiana. Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon says the fund will work, as it did after Katrina & Rita caused another crisis 16 years ago…:

CUT 14(09)      “…emergency room”

Donelon says it could help prevent thousands from losing their coverage and their homes. But Houma Representative Tanner McGee says the last time we did it, there were problems with the companies we did attract…:

CUT 12(09)      “…pay claims.”

The bill movers to the House floor for full debate. The session ends Friday.


Senator Bill Cassidy says federal Infrastructure Act money is bringing broadband internet to the state’s rural parishes, with progress already made in Morehouse Parish…:

CUT 01(34)      “…Thorington.”

An ESPN NFL insider reports the New Orleans Saints and Denver Broncos have agreed on a deal that would make Sean Payton the Bronco’s next head coach. The Saints would send Payton to Denver in return for the Bronco’s 2023 first-round pick and next year’s second-round pick. The NFL has not made an official statement as yet.