2:30 LRN Newscast Jan 31

At the Capitol, a House committee has just passed a proposal to put $45-million in surplus cash into an incentive fund to attract new private property insurers to the state, after about 20 either went insolvent of simply left after the storms of 2020 and ’21. That has forced tens of thousands into the state-run insurer of last resort, Louisiana Citizens, which is much costlier than the private market. Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon says there are companies interested in coming here, but Jonesboro Rep. Jack McFarland says he’s unaware of any…:

CUT 13(07)      “…willing to come.”

The bill must also pass the Senate before it can go to the Governor. Lawmakers intend to wrap their business this Friday. A number of lawmakers say further insurance reforms will be explored in the regular legislative session this spring.


Senator Bill Cassidy says federal Infrastructure Act money is bringing broadband internet to the state’s rural parishes, with progress already made in Morehouse Parish. Brooke Thorington reports…:

CUT 01(34)      “…Thorington.”

Northern Louisiana is on alert as freezing rain and sleet are reported in areas along the I-20 corridor. Expect very hazardous and slippery travel later tonight and into early Wednesday. Better to stay home, if you are able.