8:30 Newscast January 28th

Attorneys representing the suspects accused of participating in the rape of LSU student Madison Brooks, before she died, said she was not raped. Attorney Ron Haley says Brooks consented to have sex with two individuals in a vehicle before she was dropped off

Cut 3 (13) “…factually inaccurate.” 

Haley says there’s a video of Brooks leaving the vehicle unharmed and in good health.

Haley says there’s also a video of a conversation from inside the car after Brooks and two men engaged in sexual activity that will show a rape did not occur.

The President of Southeastern Louisiana University, in Hammond, is retiring at the end of the current school year. Dr. John Crain says he announced his retirement now, so a proper search could be done to find their next president…:

Cut 11 (07)  “…academic year.”

Crain has been president since 2009, and a faculty member for over 35 years.


An FDA advisory panel is proposing a plan to simplify COVID vaccines. Brooke Thorington has more.

Cut 2 (31)  “….I’m Brooke Thorington.” 

The LHSAA Convention ended with a decision by high school principals to hold another meeting in June to discuss the definition of select and non-select schools. The playoff formats for basketball, baseball, and softball will go on as planned, which means for basketball there will be five divisions for select schools and five for non-select schools