3:30 LRN Newscast Jan 25

The Baton Rouge Tigerland bar, where 19-year-old student Madison Brooks got drunk with four men accused of raping her, has had their liquor license suspended by the state.  Baton Rouge Alcoholic Beverage Control board member Scott Wilfong says while the state investigates Reggie’s bar, it’s out of their hands…:

CUT 03  (08)        “…take action.”

Reggie’s has been cited before for serving minors. Wilfong says the age to even ENTER a bar should be 21.

I’d call this a big “oops”. The state’s Legislative Auditor says LSU accidentally overpaid head football coach Brian Kelly by #1-million last summer. Kelly received supplemental payments that are in his contract, but the university paid him twice by mistake. They also found other irregularities in coaching staff pay and in the Tiger athletic Foundation. The full audit is available online.


In his weekly media availability, U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy was asked about classified federal documents recently found in President Biden’s office in Philadelphia, and in two homes in Delaware. Cassidy says there’s no good reason for a former Vice President to have such files in his personal possession. Does he think this also applies to fellow Republicans Donald Trump and Mike Pence; both accused of doing the same? He says “absolutely”…:

CUT 08(14)      “…safe, secure environment.”

It’s National Passenger Safety Week and State Police say it’s OK for passengers to speak up and help the driver to see and avoid possible hazards. Trooper Ross Brennan…:

CUT 10(11)      “…hazardously.”

Brennan says buckle up.