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Frustrated with rising violent crime in his small city, the mayor of Bogalusa asks the Governor to send in State Troopers or the National Guard. Kevin Gallagher has more…:

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According to WalletHub Louisiana is among the worst states for retirees. Brooke Thorington has more.

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The potential for severe weather exists for all of south Louisiana today. Whitney Thomas reports on what we can expect…

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How bad is violence & crime in the small Washington Parish town of Bogalusa? Bad enough that new Mayor Tyrin Truong (TIE-rin TRUNG) has asked Governor Edwards to send in State Police or the National Guard. On WWL radio in New Orleans, Truong says gun violence in his city has reached a fever pitch…:

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Bogalusa has had numerous violent crimes and nag-related shooting incidents in recent months. One happened right outside a high school football game; causing panic and making some schools refuse to play a visiting game there. Truong says the problem is disproportionately large for a town of just over 12-thousand, so he’s asked for help…:

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Truong says too many are scared to name the guilty parties engaging in gun violence in Bogalusa. He says there needs to be a concerted effort to tackle the problem, for everyone affected..:

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Truong says he has not yet received a reply to his request from Governor Edwards.


A special legislative session has been called to address insurance coverage issues in Louisiana. Lauren Hadden with the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry (L-A-B-I) says during the regular session last year lawmakers approved creating an incentive program for property insurers, but it wasn’t funded.

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Hadden says they support Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon’s goal to divert adding more policies to Citizens, the state-run insurer of last resort, which is forced to price their coverage higher than the private market.

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The program would essentially provide public grants to insurers who are willing to write policies in higher-risk areas to help cover those costs. Hadden says while there might be alternatives to improving the insurance market in Louisiana…

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Hadden says Donelon has told them that incentives would only be available for existing carriers and potential carriers that have the means to come and stay in Louisiana.

The special session is slated to begin on January 30th and wrap on February 5th.


The Southeast corner of Louisiana is expected to see some severe weather today that will have an enhanced risk of damaging winds, tornadoes, large hail, and flooding rain. Louisiana Radio Network Meteorologist John Wetherbee says certain areas will get the most impact.

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Wetherbee says this severe weather is a response to dry and cool air mixing.

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Wetherbee is advising Southeast Louisiana residents to take the proper precautions needed to stay safe and alert.

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The Bayou State is the 6th worst state for retirement, that’s according to WalletHub’s most recent report. WalletHub analyst Jill Gonzales says they look at affordability, healthcare, and overall quality of life, and where Louisiana falls short is the availability of home healthcare and geriatric hospitals.

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The study also looks a violent and property crime rates. Gonzales says while violent crime is notably worse in metropolitan areas, property crime in Louisiana is considered the worst in the nation…

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Gonzales says Louisiana needs to enact more laws to protect the elderly from crime and improve healthcare accessibility, like hospitals that specialize in geriatric care and more home health nurses. She says Louisiana is deemed affordable compared to other states.

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Virginia came in first, Louisiana ranked 45th and Kentucky was deemed the worst state for retirees.



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