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Louisiana Senator John Kennedy says he’s not running for governor. The state’s junior senator sent a letter to his closest supporters thanking them for their encouragement but says he’s looked deep into his heart and decided not to run. Kennedy’s letter stated he believes he can do more for the state and country by serving in the US Senate. To date, only Attorney General Jeff Landry has announced his official campaign for governor.

Drivers are seeing a spike in gasoline prices, but it should not last long. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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Congress remains in limbo until a new Speaker of the House is chosen and after multiple attempts, it remains undecided. GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy has been nominated five times and has yet to garner enough votes. Baton Rouge Congressman Garret Graves says voting for speaker, unlike other issues, is a lengthy process.

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Hot and dry weather, than a late summer flood, then more hot and dry weather resulted in more than 500-million dollars in crop losses for Louisiana farmers in 2022. LSU AgCenter Economist Michael Deliberto says parts of northeast Louisiana saw 18 inches of rain during a week-long period in late August,

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