10:30 LRN Newscast

The investigation into the 2019 State Police custody death of Ronald Greene ranks as our top story of 2022. Federal prosecutors refused to pursue charges against the officers involved, but five officers were indicted earlier this month on state charges. There are questions of what Governor John Bel Edwards knew and when about the beating Greene took from officers before he died….
Cut 10 (09) “…false.”
The resignation of Department of Children and Family Services Secretary Marketa Garner Walters was another major story. Two Baton rouge toddlers died in a four-month span from drug overdose deaths. In both cases, DCFS received warnings. Edwards defended Walters’ before he no longer could…
Cut 11 (11) “…absolute failure.”

2022 was a big year for pro life advocates as abortion is now illegal in Louisiana except for certain medical conditions. The U-S Supreme Court overturning Roe Versus Wade led to the abortion ban in Louisiana. Kathaleen Pittman was a long-time administrator at a Shreveport abortion clinic that shut down for good in August
Cut 22 (11) “…on the staff”

State Treasurer John Schroder says there is a new website that allows you to search for unclaimed property in Louisiana and 48 other states. Schroder says over 220 million properties totaling billions of dollars are available to search and claim on missing-money-com…
cut 4 (09) “…Mississippi”
There’s also Louisiana’s L-A-Cash-Claim-dot-org, which holds over one-billion dollars worth of properties waiting to be claimed.