8:30 LRN Newscast Dec 29

The Mayor may not like the moniker “Murder Capital of the USA”, but nevertheless New Orleans is on track to have the nation’s highest per-capita murder rate for 2022. The Crescent City is set to pass up the record of 70 homicides per 100-thousand people for the first time in 11 years. Experts say teaching conflict resolution as opposed to violence is key to reducing the murder rate. Meanwhile the city has seen 5 homicides since last Saturday.

A new report shows food insecurity in Louisiana is on the rise as a result of inflation and a cut in federal benefits like the child tax credit. Whitney Thomas reports..:

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LSU Ag Center experts say the recent freezes were disruptive to the sugar cane industry. Sugar cane specialist Kenneth Gravois says the crops now being harvested experienced what he calls a killing freeze…:

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However, ten of the eleven sugar cane mills in Louisiana are still processing cane, and 85 percent of the cane in the fields has already been harvested. Gravois adds that, despite the freeze, the quality of the sugar being processed is still very good.

Experts say tests of Shreveport wastewater show another COVID surge is likely. Dr. Krista Queen is with LSU Health in Shreveport. She says there was a similar increase of the virus in wastewater this time last year, due to holiday gathering probably…:

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She recommends social distancing, face masks, and frequent hand-washing.