6:30 LRN Newscast Dec 29

LSU Health in Shreveport says another COVID surge is coming and they say wastewater is the indicator. More from Brooke Thorington…:

CUT 03  (32)        “…Thorington.”

Police in New Orleans say a man shot and killed another man yesterday afternoon in the busy French Quarter. The shooting took place at Bourbon & Toulouse Streets and was the result of an argument between two men. The victim died after being taken to the hospital. The shooter has been arrested.


With the New Year comes a significant change in corporate taxes for Louisiana. A tax reform package passed by lawmakers in 2021 reduces the state’s corporate franchise tax; a tax paid on companies’ capital. Tax attorney and consultant Jason Decuir says the difference is relatively little (.025 percent) but there is also a built-in exemption that will benefit smaller businesses…:

CUT 13(09)      “…the franchise tax.”

He says this will also make us more competitive for business with our neighbor states.

Food insecurity is surging in Louisiana because of inflation and the expiration of the child tax credit and free school meals. Hunger Free America CEO, Joel Berg, says more than 470-thousand Louisiana residents are living without enough food and with the cuts to federal aid, their paychecks are not enough to keep food on the table…:

CUT 04(13)      “…for food.”