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Louisiana will be featured on national TV again this year, with its “Turning a Corner” float in the Tournament of Roses Parade the day after New Year’s. Brooke Thorington talked with one of the float riders…:

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With the coming New Year for Louisiana comes big elections, including who will the next Governor. Will Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser be in that race? Or seek re-election? More from Brooke Thorington…:

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We’ve all heard the expression if you don’t like the weather just wait a day, it appears that mantra is right on cue. Brooke Thorington has more

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Once again this year, Louisiana will be featured in the annual Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California; which rolls on Monday the 2nd. The float theme will be “Turning a Corner” and will feature numerous riders, including Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser and Franklin Parish native country star Lainey Wilson. Another rider is 22-year-old Pineville native Jordan Fuqua, the reigning Miss Louisiana Association of Fairs & Festivals…:

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The float will be a representation of a riverboat, with all surfaces made of flowers or other plants; a Rose Parade tradition and rule. Fuqua says the theme of “Turning a Corner” is appropriate for the Bayou State’s entry…:

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Fuqua says she is honored to be able to represent her family and her state on a national platform like the Rose parade, which is also broadcast around the globe…:

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As we approach the beginning of 2023 – a big election year for Louisiana – many wonder what Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser’s plans may be. Will he run for governor? Or seek re-election to his current position? Nungesser tells LRN he’s been very encouraged by the numbers asking him to seek the top job…:

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If Nungesser does seek the Governor’s Mansion, he’d have to – win or lose – say farewell to being head of Culture, Recreation & Tourism for the state. He says folks in the tourism industry are supportive of his run, but he says many also want him to stay and run for re-election. He says he will have an answer for all concerned by January 10th…:

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As a candidate for governor next fall, Nungesser would be up against Attorney General Jeff Landry, who already has state Republican Party backing. Senator John Kennedy may decide to run as well. Nungesser says he owes it to others who may want to run for Lt. Governor to make up his mind quickly…:

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As many of us return to work today, it’s still pretty cold for those of us here in the Bayou State. But State Climatologist Barry Keim says high temperatures in Louisiana are going to be a bit warmer.

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Wednesday morning, Keim says we’ll still be feeling that artic air that’s settled into the region but by midday, we’ll begin to experience a shift.

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By Thursday the frigid air should have moved on and Keim says lows will be in the 50s and highs in the 70s.

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If Jayden Daniels returning to play for the Tigers next season was on your Christmas Wish List, you’re very happy to know he’s planning to stick around the 2023 season.  Tiger Rag assistant editor William Weathers says it gives Tiger fans high hopes for next year.

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Weathers says Daniels forgoing the NFL draft is a credit to LSU head coach Brian Kelly and staff for building a program that Daniels wants to remain part of a bit longer along. It’s also significant how Daniels grew over the season.

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But before the next season kicks off Daniels hopes to lead the Bayou Bengals to victory next month at the Citrus Bowl. Weathers says with Daniels onboard the outlook for wins in 2023 has greatly improved.

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Kickoff for the January 2nd game in Orlando is at noon and the game will air on ABC.



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