2:30 LRN Newscast Dec 26

The East Baton Rouge Coroner’s Office has released the name of the four-year-old boy who was separated from his father after a hike on Saturday and was found in the Amite River. The child is identified as Marias Stricker Abreu. Multiple agencies responded to the 9-1-1 call when his father could not locate the child and after an hour long search the child was found in the Amite River and a fireman jumped in to rescue him. The child later died at the hospital. An autopsy is pending.

Plumbers expect to be getting lots of service calls due to the extended freeze. Baton Rouge plumber Tim Bourriague BOUR-EE-AGH urges people not to try plumbing repairs unless they already know how because they could cause more damage and says the next few days will be challenging for a lot of us…:

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If you do suspect a leak turn off the water supply to your home.

Don’t be surprised to see fish kills as a result of the extended frigid temperatures. State Wildlife Director of Marine Fisheries Chris Schieble (SHE-blee) says it may take some time before the impacts of the freeze have had on fish is noticeable…:

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He says if you do see any please call wildlife and fisheries.

Holiday depression refers to situational depression that’s often experienced during the holidays. LSU Health New Orleans Chair of Psychiatry Dr. Rahn Bailey for those who suffer from depression it’s often worsened when they compare themselves to others who seem to have it all this time of year.

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This year you can dial 988 to speak with a trained counselor if you have mental health needs.