5:30 LRN Newscast Dec 8

As flu cases continue to rise, Louisiana health officials are urging us to get flu shots…and COVID boosters – as soon as possible. LSU health’s Dr. Catherine O’Neal says, with the holidays coming, you want to avoid getting or spreading the viruses. She says, as we age, the body’s memory of the last vaccine wanes sooner so it’s important to get boosted…:

CUT 06(11)      “…get it today.”

Dr. O’Neal says the same also applies to kids ages five and older.

State Wildlife & Fisheries says bird flu is turning up in wild birds in numerous parishes. LWF’s Dr. Jim LaCour says the virus spreads easily from bird-to-bird…:

CUT 09(07)      “…better part of a year.”

Bird flu poses little risk to humans

State Police credit two Good Samaritans with saving the lives of a family whose car went off an Assumption Parish road Wednesday and plunged into deep muddy water. Trooper 1st Class Ross Brennan says Jeff Lapeyrouse (Lap-uh-roos) and Chase Dupre were in another vehicle, witnessed the crash, and stopped to help. He says they waded into the chilly water and mud mix and were able to open a door from the outside and get the family out before the Toyota sedan was completely submerged…:

CUT 13(09)      “…right before Christmas.”

Yet another property insurance company announces it is leaving Louisiana. This time, it’s Florida-based UPC – United Property & Casualty – who cover about 36-thousand homes in the state. The state Department of Insurance says UPC is the 10th property insurer to exit the state due to the high cost of settling hurricane claims.