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Three Southern University band members were killed in a crash involving an 18-wheeler last night. The students were reportedly on their way home to Texas for Christmas break. State Police are investigating and say Tyran Williams, Dylan Young, and Broderick Moore were killed while trying to change a flat tire.

Moran says multiple first responders worked the accident.

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The University is now offering grief counseling to students.


Troopers from Louisiana state police are investigating a single fatal crash   on LA Highway 40 near Highway 445 when the accident occurred. Trooper William Huggins says the investigation will include obtaining phone records and crash data recordings. Huggins says that’s similar to a Blackbox recording on a plane and it has valuable information like…

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After responding to four overdose deaths in a 72-hour period over the weekend, police in Monroe have one suspect in custody. Detective Matt Schmitz says 47-year-old Jarrell Lee Walker has been arrested facing several charges including two counts of negligent homicide. Schmitz says they are still waiting on toxicology reports, and they believe fentanyl is suspected to be involved in the deaths. As for the other two overdose deaths…

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A new statewide poll shows a majority of Louisianans accept climate change as a reality, but feel it’s not up to the U.S. alone to address it. John Couvillon, with JMC Analytics & Polling, says the survey of over 600 residents found a majority (42%) feel it’s a real problem…:

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