3:30 LRN Newscast Dec 6

Senator Bill Cassidy says he’s working on legislation to give tax relief to people impacted by natural disasters by creating special tax deductions for personal casualty losses. Cassidy says the bill gives tax relief to those using their own money to recover from their storm losses, and he adds it will waive the standard ten percent floor for deductions. He says a homeowner who is short thirty thousand dollars would get a three thousand dollar benefit…:

CUT 10(07)      “…bring relief.”

Cassidy says he too is looking at ways to reform the very expensive National Flood Insurance Program.

The November election wasn’t the Red Wave many expected nationwide, possibly because young voters turned out big to vote on issues they care about. U.L.-Monroe political science professor Joshua Stockley says, however, the young vote was lackluster here. Why…?

CUT 07(11)      “…economic issues.”

He calls it a hum-drum election cycle.


State Wildlife & Fisheries agents say a Natchitoches man drowned over the weekend, when his boat hit a fallen tree on the Cane River ejecting him. His life preserver was not inflated. 37-year-old Jack Crowell’s 4-year-old son was in the boat and saw the whole thing.

The Saints suffered an absolute gut punch of a loss last night as New Orleans blew a 13-point lead to the Buccaneers and lost 17-16. Jeff Palermo has the story…:

CUT 01(31)      “…Palermo.”