2:30 LRN Newscast Dec 5

While it might be beginning to look a lot like Christmas, it sure isn’t feeling like it. The Bayou State is experiencing unseasonably warm temperatures for December and State Climatologist Barry Keim says we’re getting a lot of moisture off the Gulf right now…:

CUT 12(10)      “…entire state.”

He says the above average temps will persist for the next week.

A fight is brewing between lawmakers who passed a medical marijuana law and a state board who seems to be contravening it. The Board of Medical Examiners says doctors MUST have an in-person visit with a patient BEFORE they can use tele-medicine to prescribe medical cannabis. The law says that’s NOT required. Gretna Representative Joe Marino says he’s asking the Attorney General’s office to render its opinion…:

CUT 04(07)      “…in-person visit.”

Marino authored the law.


District 1 Congressman Steve Scalise says he’ll work to reform the federal flood insurance program in the next Congress. FEMA’s Risk Rating 2.0 pricing system has kicked in; causing dramatic increases in flood coverage for tens of thousands of Louisianans. Scalise says flood rates have increased so dramatically that untold numbers of homeowners have had to let their flood insurance coverage lapse because they simply cannot afford it any longer. He says FEMA has been reluctant to even explain the sharp spike in rates to Congress…:

CUT 10(10)      “…that’s unacceptable.”

He means to revive a flood insurance reform bill that passed the House a few years ago, but failed in the Senate.

A Sabine Parish volunteer reserve Sheriff’s deputy has been fired, after he was arrested over the weekend in a huge barroom brawl in the town of Zwolle. Kobe Cartinez, of Many, is charged with 2nd-degree battery. He is out on $8000 bond. Two other men were also arrested.