3:30 LRN Newscall Nov 30

Caldwell Parish is recovering after a confirmed tornado strike last night during strong thunderstorms. Two people are reported injured and numerous buildings took heavy damage near the town of Clark on Highway 126. The National Weather Service is working to establish where the twister fell on the Extended Fujita scale, but it was likely an EF-1 Fortunately, no one was reported killed.

An Evangeline Parish man faces serious charges after he broke into a Bunkie home and climbed into bed with a seven-year-old girl…:

CUT 01(27)      “…Golsby.”


Senator Bill Cassidy celebrates his No Surprises Act; a law to protect us from getting unexpected medical bills. The law has been in effect since January and he says 9-milion Americans have been spared the pain of a surprise wallop of out-of-network charges. He says, under the law he co-authored with New Hampshire Democrat Senator Maggie Hasson, patients can only be required to pay in-network costs for medical services…:

CUT 08(03)      “…the past.”

Cassidy says if you do receive a higher medical bill than expected, let the state Department of Insurance know right away, or call the U.S. Health & Human Services.

Gasoline prices still slowly dropping. The statewide average for regular gas is $3.03. AAA’s Nick Chabarria says that could drop below 3 bucks by the week’s end…:

CUT 14(07)      “…last year.”

Gas is down an average of 12-cents from one week ago.