LRN PM Newscall November 29

A statewide survey finds a majority of GOP voters support former President Donald Trump over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for the Republican presidential nomination in 2024. Jeff Palermo has the story…

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It was a very happy ending Monday night in St Tammany Parish, where two missing girls and their dog were found safe after a massive search. Marsanne Golsby has more

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A new statewide poll finds a majority of Louisiana Republicans support former President Donald Trump over Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Trump has already announced his presidential candidacy and political pundits expect DeSantis to be Trump’s main competition. Pollster Ed Chervenak conducted the survey for Edgewater Research

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The poll asked Republicans who is their choice for the GOP’s presidential nomination in 2024, Chervenak says 56-percent support Trump’s candidacy while 36-percent would like to see DeSantis win the Republican nomination.

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Trump received 58-percent of the vote from Louisiana voters in the 2020 presidential election. Chervenak says Trump continues to get strong support among Louisiana Republicans, but he believes the survey results are a positive for DeSantis

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The survey was conducted two weeks ago and 474 registered Republicans in Louisiana were selected. Chervenak says eight-percent of those polled are undecided.


Senator Bill Cassidy is among a group of Republicans who’ve criticized former President Donald Trump for having dinner with Kanye West who’s faced backlash for his anti-Semitic remarks. Cassidy’s tweet said hosting racist anti-Semites for dinner encourages other racist anti-Semites.

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Cassidy’s tweet also said entertaining such persons is not reflective of the Republican party.

The Senate will vote on the Respect for Marriage Act which grants federal protections for same-sex and interracial couples. Cassidy says three amendments will be presented prior to the vote. Twelve Republicans are expected to give bipartisan support for the bill, Cassidy is not among them

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Cassidy did give bipartisan support to the Biden Administration’s Infrastructure Law and touted its ability to help finance the extension of passenger-rail service through Mississippi and Louisiana along the I-20 corridor. Cassidy says there’s already a line that goes to Dallas and another to Atlanta.

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A massive search effort for two missing girls and their dog resulted in good news last night in  rural St. Tammany Parish. Sheriff Randy Smith said the girls – ages 4 and 7 – got lost with their dog around 5 pm yesterday while playing on their parents’ property.

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Smith says the girls were found safe with their dog Artemis around 10 pm. Hundreds of volunteers, numerous law enforcement agencies, two helicopters participated in the grid-by-grid search. But Smith says it was a dog that found the pet dog, and the girls.

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In a Facebook post, the girls’ parents, Mary and Justin Bourg, thanked everyone involved for the happy outcome. Sheriff Smith said the girls were in good spirits.

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A large portion of Louisiana is under a tornado watch until seven o’ clock tonight. It covers northeast Louisiana and central Louisiana. LRN Meteorologist John Wetherbee says the greatest threat is along and north of I-20

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Wetherbee says make sure you have several ways to get alerts…

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